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Tips for Visiting the Icehouse

11 Feb

You are welcome to come by to see the gallery of “sketches in iron”, artisan sculptures, joinery and finish samples that make this 1890’s icehouse a museum of the metal arts. You don’t need to be shopping a project to take a tour of the icehouse.

The showroom on a sunny afternoon.

Here’s an insider tip for an easy way to stop in: if you have checked our Center for Metal Arts course schedule, you know that we are running many Saturday classes in the forge studio. Those Saturdays are an excellent time to come by. See the Upcoming Seminars page at

As always, it’s still a great idea to call ahead, so we can plan to set aside time to give you a personal tour. Who knows, you may even be able to sneak a peek into the forging workshop, with its drama of hot iron and the ring of hammers on the anvil.

Our studio phone is 845 651 7550.